Bread Processing Machine

It's possible to change filling material rapidly and easily because of easy disassembly of cylinder. 
Production speed is adjustable. It's easy disassembly to wash every components. And it is fit for international sanitary food standard.

Typical Products
HM-698 are suitable for making Silk Bun,Meat Bun,Vegetables Bun,Cut Bun,Small Steamed Bun,Rabbit Bun,Rice Cake Bean Paste,French Bread,Filling Inserted Bread and more.



Chinese Meat Bun / Bun / Silk Bun / Bread Processing Machine

Product Specifiction

We provide a variety of Food Machine, such as Auto Spring Roll Making Machine, Spring Roll Machine, Spring Roll Processing Machine, Pastry Sheet Making Machine, Food Processing Machine, all with high quality.

Machine Dimension: L 3820 x W 680 x H 1700/mm 
Machine Weight: 750kg 
Product Weight: 10 ~ 600g 
Capacity: 600 ~ 12,000 pcs/per hour 
Electricity: 3 Phase, 220V, 2.25KW



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