Multi-function Bread – Paratha Processing Machine

HM-968 are possible to change filling material rapidly and easily because of the easy disassembly cylinder. The dough belt will go through 3~4 rolling stages to produce the proper thickness without damaging the gluten of dough. Following this process, the Auto Filling Feeder will extrude the filling on the dough belt. The dough belt with the filling on top is then rolled by the cylindrical molding section and the dough belt forms the outer casing. The Auto Filling Feeder is an independent unit and easily attached and removed for cleaning and convenience of changing different filling material.



HM-968 suitable to roll up Laminated Dough Products, Knish, Dinner Roll, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Pie, Filling-inserted Bun, Meat Bun, Vegetables Bun, Bun with Red Bean Paste, Steamed Bun, Rabbit Bun, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Sandwich and more.

Product Specifiction

Our company offers Small Juicy Meat Bun Forming Machine, Bread Processing Machine, Forming Machine, Dumpling Forming Machine and Prepared Food Processing Machine with high quality and reasonable price. 


Machine Dimension: 
a. L3360 x W1300 x H1750 / mm(Standard)
b. L4400 x W1300 x H1750 / mm(Optional)
Machine Weight : 1,000 kg 
Product Weight : 10~600g 
Capacity : 600~12,000pcs / hr 
Electricity : 3 Phase 220V, 4.5KW




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