Reconditioned Rheon KN400 Encrusting Machine

It's compact and has three functions of dividing, forming and filling in one process. The weight of products, producing speed and the ratio of casing to filling is adjustable. 
It can replace attachments, like many kinds of optional tools for secondary molding. 
It can make the food material with a variety of soft and sticky ones. 
It is completely safe to be operated with little noise and long-lasting operation. 




It can record separately the production data up to 100 different kinds of products by computer memory unit. 
It is suitable for making moon cake, maamoul, kebal, coxinha, potato bread, gingerbread, bread, meat pie, treacle-cake, pizza toast, ice box cookies, cookies, mini pizza, pineapple cake, poundcake, fish paste, pierogie, knodel, Scotch egg, Chinese steamed meat bun, red bean paste bun, etc.
Typical Products
It is suitable for making Open Top Pizza, Filled Bagel, Moon Cake, Apple Strudel, Bao-Tzu, Cho-shao-Bao, Pearl Ball, Crystal Dumpling,Pirogie,Knish,Hamburg,Calzone,Filled Bagel,Meat Sandwich,Coxinha,Biscuits,Roti,Bao,Crystal Dumpling,Mochi,Biscochos,Kung-Wan, Fish Ball, Peach Bun, Egg Filled Taro Ball, Coconut Cookie, Pan Fried Beef Bun, Sesame Tang-Yuan, Almond Cookie, Pineapple Cake, Fortune Sweet, Crystal Dumpling (Fried), Crown Cake, Pork Ball, Sweet Bean Paste Pie, Stick Bao etc.

Product Specifiction

Machine Dimension: L 1790 x W 948 x H 1289/mm 
Machine Weight: 500Kg 
Product Weight: 10 ~ 300g 
Capacity: 10~60 pcs/min 
Electricity: 3 Phase, 220V, 3.2KW




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